Hi, I’m Jo

Humans are fascinating. I’ve always been a people watcher (some say stalker, but let’s not split hairs.)  Analysing behaviour, interactions and attitudes is almost a hobby, so it was a natural extension of my personality to become a consultant in this area.

Over the course of 20 years of consulting, I honed my skills in identifying issues quickly, and often, the issues behind the issues. I get consistent feedback that my ability to challenge constructively is why I achieve results.

As a consultant, eventually Principal Consultant and Director, I observed and advised a wide range of large and small organisations on culture and leadership. I encountered the full gambit; from the inspirational to the pedestrian… to those I wanted to shake! (An approach generally frowned upon, and I have sharper tools to work with…)

I get immense satisfaction in developing leadership potential. In today’s business environment my work has never been more essential. Having resilient leaders who show up with empathy, curiosity and a growth mindset may be the difference between sink or swim, retaining or losing talent, winning or losing, and discretionary effort vs. high churn. The list is long.

In making a difference at the top, I am making a difference to thousands of others.

And it’s good for the soul.

I look forward to working with you.

Eponymously named, “Workman”, this is Jo Workman’s ‘other baby’ (she is a mother to five).  Originally hailing from the Mainland, Jo now resides in Auckland, and can often be spotted with a cup of Earl Grey at a regional airport.  Now a dog convert (sorry kitty), Jo loves her sport, proudly supporting New Zealand’s Wheel Blacks.  And don’t take away her microwave.  It doesn’t end well.

Professionally, Jo possesses a formidable combination of warmth, good humour, straight-talking and down-to-earth communication that has you confessing it’s been five years since your last dental visit, and that you sometimes send work emails from the loo.

Ready to accept the challenge?